Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday, And it sucks....

Today seriously sucks. And it's not even 9 yet.

I drove to work today because we are supposed to be taking pictures for the dept. newletter. So I'm slightly dressed up. Hair is down, makeup is on. Nice shirt (Stuck with jeans and sneakers anyway!). The guy came to take the pictures yesterday afternoon and I told him to come back tomorrow. I looked like crap. I don't wear makeup when I walk to work because I end up sweating so much. Way to hot outside.

I discovered a 2-foot crack in my windshield this morning. I'm a bit upset. I'm calling our insurance agent a little after 9 to "get reccommendations". That's what Josh's dad said to do. And to find out what our deductible is. That would be good knowledge at this point. :) He needs to hurry up and open his office.

I'll admit that when I drove on Wednesday I thought that the splits off the starburst in my windshield were a bit longer. But I decided it was my imagination. I'll admit to being a bit paranoid. (Actually, a bit might be an understatement.) So, not a good day so far!

However, on a slightly happier note, the Skinnie Minnies lost a total of 15.6 pounds this week. Good job everyone!!!!



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