Thursday, February 01, 2007

Welcome to February!!!

Well, so far I have not started the month on the right foot, but I claim it isn't my fault!!!

I was planning to get up and go to yoga at 6:30 this morning, but woke up with a bad headache instead. The extra sleep didn't help, but I still came to work. I can function, just not very well. I also have a slightly stuffy head, so it might all be sinus related. Oh the joy!

I added the February Challenges blogroll to my sidebar and made a visit to all the new challengers this morning. Of course, since blogger is being stupid I wasn't able to leave comments for everyone. I promise to have a comment left for EVERYONE whose blog I visit by Monday evening. I'm giving myself that long because I have a test tomorrow night that I am not ready for. I'm going to try and get some studying in around actually working, and then I'm not all that great about blogging on the weekends anyway.

We had some not so great excitement at the apartment last night. My husband and a friend of ours are going to be in a two-headed giant Magic tournament that is coming up. So he, his wife, and their daughter came to visit last night so they could be looking at cards and deciding what to play. Of course, there is a new set of cards coming out Friday, so they didn't do much other than look at what Josh and I have so that they can be thinking. Well, to get on with the story, we had to rush to make the apartment baby safe because Raegan is just over a year old and goes everywhere! So, we cleaned up the living room and Josh closed up the laundry room, bedroom, and back room (his personal mess!). Well, he didn't realize that the door had one of those push button locks. And we don't have the key for it. Well, we were trying knives, precision screwdrivers, and wire coat hangers in an attempt to get this door open. It wouldn't have been such a big deal except that our main closet is in that room. And I needed clothes for work!!!! I knew I was hitting the mechanism and pushing it, but the damned door wouldn't unlock. Our friends showed up while we were working on it, and Joe finally got the door unlocked. I taped the door latch so it won't happen again. Because otherwise it would. Luckily there is enough suction on the door so that it will stay closed when pulled too. That might not keep a toddler out, but it makes me feel better about the mess behind the door anyway!!!

Well, I'm off to do some studying, working, and hopefully finish some updating to the sidebar of my blog today. Good luck to everyone in starting their February challenges today. And WELCOME to all the new challengers!!!

One other note: Thank you so much for cheering me on through January Tee!!!! You were a wonderful cheerleader and I couldn't have done it without you. Whoever gets your for February will be very lucky indeed!!!!


Tee said...

I am sorry you had a bad headache this morning. I really hope you feel better soon.

Cory, you are more than welcome for the cheerleading month of January. Not to worry, although we may not be each other's official cheerleader, I will be here in February cheering you on also.

Thanks for being there for really helped me alot!

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Don't worry about the first day of February. The first day is kind of a freebie, right? *wink* ;)

totegirl said...

Hey chic! Haven't stopped by in a while. I hope you are feeling better. You are so sweet to baby-proof your house, even if it did end locking you out of your own closet!

So, that Biggest Winner sounds AWESOME! I hope you'll give us lots more details on how you're doing!

Keep up the good work, and don't let little "wardrobe malfunctions" keep you down! If not water aerobics, then the bike. You know what you're doing, and you're going to do great!

Living to Feel Good said...

I have a tip for you on the headache. The same thing happens to me every once in a while sometimes it gets almost to the point of migraine level. Pop whatever pain killer you use, and drink gaterade with it. Something in gaterade helps. I told my mom and sister this, and they now drink it too, and they always feel better. Maybe it will work for you too. :)

See ya in the challenge! :)

Paige said...

I agree with MR, the first of the month is always the 'transition day' in my book, lol!

Hope the headache faded.

JOY said...

Back ache can be so painful! Had a bit of trouble getting motivated this week too!

I haven't been doing so well! OOPPS on the exercise front but am determined to get going now.

I hope the backache is better and you can get back to your challenge but don't overdo it! No point in injuring yourself further - you will know how much exercising to do yourself.


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