Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Just a quick update!

I did go to water aerobics. I really enjoyed it. I spent nearly twn minutes in the sauna when I was finished and before I took my shower. That gave me a few more minutes with some of the crazy older ladies I like, and gave everyone else in the class time to get their showers. There are only three showers in the fac/staff locker room, and thewre are a few people that RUN back to get those after class. I refuse to be a in a hurry when I'm there. I wouldn't go if there was somewhere I just HAD to be shortly after. Gym time is MY time. However, I again couldn't get in my locker (mis-remembered the combination) and plan to just remove the lock and not leave anything valuable there overnight. Just shower stuff and pony-tail holders. $20 loss max on what I leave.

I plan to do a bit of a strength workout when I finish this, but I probably won't duplicate many exercises from the class. I didn't get to do it last night, and I'm feeling a bit better now so I should take advantage.

I hope I still fel like some gym time tomorrow. I will do 20 minutes minimum on the bike (unless I'm so bad I have to get a ride home) and hit the circuit training room if all is good.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening and a good day tomorrow!

EDIT: I'm going to have to pick up some heavier dumbbells when I have money. These 2 lb weights just aren't going to cut it!


Carrie said...

Great job on water aerobics!! Thanks for all of the positive comments on my site. The encouragement is great!! Keep up the good work too!!

Galen said...

even with the day you had, you still went to workout! Great Job!

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Sounds like you're on track! Yeah... 2 pounders won't get you too far. I buy the old-fashioned hex style. Around here they're 50 cents per pound, but they make me feel like a *real* weight lifter. LOL

Judi Finneran said...

Hi Cory..

Thanks for the congratulations! How funny about your lock. Many years ago I totally forgot the combo of the lock I had been using for years. I had to have them cut it off so I could even get dressed. I mmust have arobized the brain cell holding that bit of info right out of my head.

Cheers, Judi

Tigerlilly said...

Great job with the water aerobics.. isn't it oh so fun!?! The last time I went to one I was 8 mos preggo, and it was the only way I could excersize without my back killing me... the coolest thing was just being able to run back and forth in the pool and feel my baby doing summersalts in my belly!! LOL

Great job on the workouts... and you are doing awsome!!!

Tee said...

Great job Cory!!!

I see you are right on tract...I am so happy for you!!

I just bought new weights to as the 2 pounders felt like nothing...great job!


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