Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! Have a wonderful day, celebrate to your heart's content, but try not to eat TOO many of those chocolates!!!

So, I have two presents that I want to spotlight.
First, the present from Tee, my January cheerleader, that came in yesterday. Brasilian dance workout. I've only had a chance to read the cover, but it sounds exciting. I can't wait to work out to it tonight. I'm thinking that it and my belly dance video will be perfect for working out on the weekends when I would really rather stay home. So, after I have time to work out to this video a couple of times expect to see a reveiw. She asked for suggestions of videos I might like to have, and I'm really happy that she decided to get this one sent to me.

I have been talking for a while that I would love to have some 3 and 5 pound dumbbells for my strength training. While I generally buy the plain neoprene covered ones, the hubby picked me up a set of 5 lb go walking weights. I already had some 1.5 lbs in these, and they aren't bad. You can strap them onto your hand, then you don't have to hold them quite so tight. I think I will really appreciate this. He also gave me a beautiful card, a small box of dove milk chocolates (and I only eat about half the candies in the selection so that was a GREAT choice to keep me from eating too many of them), and an IOU note for a set of 3 lb weights. I'm excited to get to use them. I think I might start to really feel my strength training since I'll have decent weights for it. The weights pictured on the side aren't the EXACT ones he bought me, but there are the same style. I didn't have time to take a picture of them this morning so I stole one from the internet! Another good thing about these weights is that they are fairly safe to use when walking so I can pick them up for a good arm workout when walking if I want too!
Well, I hope that everyone has a fantastic day. I'm heading over to a health fair on campus. It's not so much that I WANT to go, but it's worth five points on my Biggest Winners program. I want to do good by my team, so I'm going to go visit over my lunch break. I'll get some more walking in today if nothing else!!!! (By the way, I went to Water Aerobics last night and I think I lost over a pound just during that session!! LOL)


Tigerlilly said...

I have that Brazilian dance workout!!! I LOVE it... although I do wait until no one is around to watch me do it. hehehehe I think the drum playing is what attracts me to it, since those are the kind of drums I play!

Great job doing the water aerobics... its alot harder then it looks!

Have a Happy Valentines Day!

Tee said...

You are more than welcome for the DVD. Please remember to share a review. Also the gifts your hubby got you were great and right on time. I love it when my husband gets a gift that goes along with my goals. How thoughtful!!!

Fatinah said...

what belly dance video do you do?

JOY said...

Never heard of a Brazilian Workout! Here in Ireland we are bit behind with the trends!

Water Aerobics sounds fun Cory, I have never tried it but as you know I like swimming and being in the water.

Hope you had a fantastic Valentines day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cory!

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog today. Appreciate it.

Sounds like your hubby and Tee got you the perfect gifts!
Enjoy both of them.

Your new neice is cute. And oh my, your sister and mom look sooo much alike!

Have a great Thursday and enjoy the health fair.


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