Friday, February 23, 2007

All Kinds of Stuff!!!

I want to start with wishing Lisa Jane a late happy birthday! She discovered that she has a waist again, among other fantastic things yesterday. So everyone can feel free to go celebrate that wonderful gift with her.

I discovered that I actually have muscles in my upper abs. I know this because they hurt when I move too much today! After water aerobics, yoga, and water aerboics again in three days I feel those muscles, as well as the ones in my arms and upper legs. It's great. The abs only hurt of a twist too much, and everything else just feels. I LOVE IT!

I'm going to miss lunch with my hubby today so I can go get fitted at the circuit training room. It's either that or be home late again tonight. He hasn't enjoyed me being late three days in a row. So I don't want to do that too him again. Also, I want to spend the evening with him. We currently have NO plans (a rarity for a Friday night) so I'm excited. Of course, that will likely change. But I hope not...

I'm all geared up to be really active for the next week. On Wednesday there is a special activity class at the gym. They are calling it a Masters course and will have Yoga, stretch, toning, and kickboxing all during that hour. It means I will miss beginner yoga, but I really want to try this out. It's supposed to be a big, special class. (And we get extra points for it on the Biggest Winners program. So it will be good for my team!)

I know I've been sounding all hyped and feeling good about myself here lately. But at times I have been feeling real discouraged too. The school pharmacist told me she could really tell I was losing inches yesterday. And I know I have lost one or two because I can fit in that pair of black pants. But that's the only old thing I can fit in again. And it's a little discouraging. Sometimes I wonder if the changes are really there or if people are saying it to make me feel better. I hope they wouldn't, but then again...some of these people don't know me THAT well. They've only known me in passing until the past couple of weeks. But I'm really getting close to some of these people now. So I really don't think they would be doing that. My head just keeps getting in my way! :) I'm really feeling great today though, even with the sore tummy! I have some great energy (although I had trouble getting out of bed!) and I'm excited about the Run for Love tomorrow. I have no plans to run the thing, but I know a lot of people that are participating. It's going to be fun to walk around campus with them and just chit chat. I think it will be a wonderful way for me to start my morning. And my first on-program weekend!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and keep movin'!!!


JOY said...

Golly you sound SO geared up for next week already!

I too am going to get "stuck into" the exercising!

You seem to have lots and lots going on - good for you!

Hope you have a nice night with the hubby - whatever you get up to! Remember the saying "Don't do anything I wouldn't" LOL.

Have fun this weekend whatever you do get up to!

Tigerlilly said...

Its such a rewarding feeling to be sore.. isn't it?

Have a wanderful friday night with your hubby..

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Oddly enough, I think almost-strangers--or acquaintances--are better at noticing changes in our weight than close friends and family. People who are close to us see us every day, so they're less likely to notice a change until its dramatic. People we don't see often, though, sometimes notice it because they never saw the "gradual" weight loss. Anyway, sounds like you're getting plenty of exercise next week! Way to go!


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