Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Group Challenge!!!

Well, it's Group Challenge Time over at Make Yourself a Priority. And this time we're serious! What are you giving up for Lent!?!

Now, I'm not Catholic and honestly have no desire to be. Nothing against Catholics, but what works for you doesn't for me. I do, however, understand the concept of fasting and think it is of great importance to our spiritual lives. (For those of us that actually have spiritual lives, anyway.) As a matter of fact, my church Temple Baptist undergoes a period of fasting.

But, that is all off topic. The topic is: What Am I Giving Up For The Next 40 Days? I've pondered this for a while now. Although my church doesn't fast during Lent, unless they changed the time this year and I missed it, I do at least every other year. One of my friends has contemplated giving up his friends for Lent (our non-Christian friends who have a tendency to ridicule half our beliefs occassionally), but I know that this is a bit extreme. While it would leave me plenty of time to exercise, I would probably not enjoy it. I wish I could give up work, but I don't have that many personal hours. I could give up school, but can't afford the F that would come up with it. I could give up exercise but that would be against the point of this challenge. I could give up sugary desserts, but there is no reason to set myself up for failure. SOOOO, what do I give up for Lent?

I have decided to give up carbonated beverages for Lent. This should work out well because I will avoid all of those empty calories that just run through your system. I will also avoid the whole rotting your teeth thing too. And since I have been drinking a lot less Pepsi anyway, this should be reasonable.

And just so everyone knows, the next week is going to SUCK!!!!


JudiFinneran said...

I hear you and I could only agree to have one diet soda every 3 days. I admire you going cold turkey.


totegirl said...

You can do it! You definitely don't want to drink your calories, do you? Heck no!

I'm a non-practicing Catholic, so I totally didn't even think about lent. I would like to give up tortilla chips for lent, but that would really, truly suck.

Good luck with the no sodas. It's a good one, worth keeping after lent is over!

Fatinah said...

that is a great thing to give up!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Get ready for some headaches! I remember I gave up soda for lent one year, and I had headaches for a week...but once that passed, I didn't even miss it!. I actually stopped drinking soda when I started WW again. It just kind of happened. I was so busy drinking my water that I didn't have room for soda. I've maybe had 1-2 in the past 6 months! You can do it! (just have some asprin handy)

JOY said...

What a great challenge you have set yourself!

It is going to be a tough one Cory along with your "healthy & exercise" regimes!

I find comfort in diet sodas! I don't think I could do it but am here for you 100%. You can do it!

Tigerlilly said...

Great thing to give up!! I bet you see an increase of pounds lost this month because of it!!!

I've got faith in you! You are Strong!

Critter said...

Go Cory!!! You can do this!

jeannie* said...

That is such a great thing to give up! GOOD LUCK :)

Robyn said...

OH man, how awesome would it be to give up WORK for lent? HAHAHAHA!
You are one brave soul giving up carbonation...what is it about those bubbles that make me love them so? You can do it though, 40 days bubble free - Wahoooo!

Tee said...

I think giving up carbonated drinks is very doable. Be prepared for headaches that hurt like crazy, but I am sure you will be fine.


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