Thursday, February 22, 2007

I want my morning back!!!

I spent the entire morning in the doctor's office. And there is no telling what the bill is going to be. And all the guy told me was to lose weight and follow a mediterranean diet. And we would check my cholesterol again in a year. That's it. I could have been at work if that's all it was going to be!!!!

Well, I've repaired the damage I did over last weekend. And I'm going to be a good, on-program hot chick this weekend. I'm doing a 5K (Run For Love) on Saturday morning, so I know I'll have a lot of good exercise in that day. And I will do something really light on Sunday. The worry is food, and I intend to do well on that.

Last night I was planning to hit the circuit room at our gym, but got drug into Beginner Yoga instead. It was cool. I'll definitely be doing that agian next Wednesday after work. And if I like it after another visit, I'll go looking for the perfect yoga mat. Because I'm just nutty like that. :) I'll be doing Water Aerobics agian tonight, and hit the circuit room tomorrow.

Well, I want to apologize in advance for not hitting everyone's blogs today. Since I didn't get to work until 1:00 I just don't have the time today. But I should be able to hit everybody tomorrow. And should work decide against that, I will make time for it over the weekend!


JOY said...

Hi Cory

Gosh you are exercise a LOT! Good for you, I don't know where you get the energy!

Never tried Yoga, is it relaxing too?

Good luck with the run, I could never run that far! I am so unfit but hey I am doing something about which is a start!

I can't believe you have to pay for your doctor's visit! We don't pay here because we pay taxes! The reason I hate going to the doctors is they always tell me to lose weight and then I get embarrassed.

I am going to post your February Challenge reward tomorrow, I had to wait on it! I now have it so will get it in the post tomorrow for you. Hope you like it - you deserve a reward you are doing so well.

Have a fab weekend Cory! Keep up the good work..


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