Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thirteen Things on My Desk at Work

1…. A ferris wheel picture frame that I've been two lazy to update the pictures in for about a year.

2…. My laptop and various accessories. The wireless mouse is probably the most important.

3…. A bottle Advil. The other people in the office take more of it than I do.

4…. My desk fan. It's essential!!!!

5…. The Greyhound. It's a ship and it's facecard from the Pirates game.

6…. A medium copper dragon that I got for participate in DnD day. Only here because I don't play DnD Minis.

7…. A Maxine daily calendar that I have been very disappointed in.

8…. A stress apple that I got from my insurance company at a health fair.

9…. A black and gold pom-pom because I have to show school spirit (it's hidden under the counter overhang!)

10…. A USM Student Clinic cup with a Forrest General Hospital bandaid dispenser in it. Also from the health fair.

11…. A stuffed dog, a stuffed rabbit, and a stuffed ostrich. I feel the need for toys at work.

12…. Bottle of water!!! A requirement for a good day.

13…. My Avaya phone and Plantronics headset base.

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