Thursday, April 05, 2007

Feelin' Good!

My coworker still isn't talking to me, but she did fix the temp. Still hot as Hades in here though.

Talked to the president today. She is one sharp lady. It was really great to get to meet her. And she's a USM alumni AND a Hattiesburg native. (I don't think I stuttered!)

My really cool looking dress shoes rub blisters on my feet. I have to soak the footsies tonight to take care of that. At least I brought my old worn out crocs today so I don't have to wear those until I get home. I would probably go barefoot instead (which I'm actually doing in the office now!).

I love the little fan I bought myself last summer. It comes in so handy, and sits nicely on the counter!

I got an awesome Thank You comment from Susan. Y'all should check out her blog and read some outtakes!

I have an evening of sitting at home ahead of me, even if I do have some laundry and packing to do too!

I have three days off work. I get to sleep late tomorrow. I get to do all the family visitin' and movie gettin'!

Yeah, I think I'm feeling good about things right now! :)

Happy Easter Weekend! (I may not be online again before Monday, or I might be. Just have to wait and see!)


Tee said...

Happy Easter to you as well.

Have a safe and fun weekend!

Your co-worker will come around - not to worry.

Amber said...

Happy Easter hope you have a wonderful extended weekend!

Amazon Alanna said...

Have a great Easter weekend and we'll see you back after your mini-vacation!

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Happy Easter!!

JOY said...

Have a great weekend Cory!

Glad to hear you have a few days now to spend with your family and do whatever you want to.

Don't eat too many Easter Eggs but have fun if you do!

Michelle @ The 2007 Challenge said...

This is how God showed
His love among us: He sent
His one and only son
into the world ...
I John 4:9

May He who makes
the flowers grow,
and gives the sun
its golden glow ...

who gently guides
the birds in flight,
and lights the stars
that cheer the night ...

May He whose love
shines over us all,
and gives us blessings
great and small ...

May Christ, the risen
King of Kings,
fill all your days with
lifes good things.

Bless you at Easter
and Always.



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