Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thirteen Things I'm Thinking About

1…. Wheither or not I will stutter or stumble over my words when I talk to the prospective univ president.

2…. Will I actually lose any weight this next week?

3…. If I'm going to cuss out Cellular South when I call about my voicemail again. It never works.

4…. If my coworker is going to start talking to be again. She was fine when I ran to the clinic earlier, now she isn't talking to me.

5…. How I'm going to fix the skirt I'm wearing today. One of the front seams is coming loose. And I refuse to give up the skirt so it has to be fixed.

6…. The essay I have to write for Business Ethics. I haven't even started and it is due on Monday. And I can't wait until Sunday this time because of Easter.

7…. How to approach my best friend Dee about charging to make clothes. The lady working at the gas station this morning wants quotes because she loved the tunic I'm wearing today.

8…. While my cholesterol have gone done when I get my test results back next week? I hope so!!!

9…. What I will eat for lunch. It's almost time and I don't have a clue. Other than that I'm going to get something and bring it back to the office.

10…. How to approach my coworker, the one not talking to me, about the thermastat. It is entirely too hot in this office, but she stays freezing and isn't going to want it changed. At least I have a fan. I may just avoid the subject. (It's set on 78 F)

11…. How to not gain a ton of weight over the holiday weekend. Momma's on weight watchers again now, so that should help. But what about the other family dinner and the lack of exercise since I will be spending forever in a car!!!

12…. What book should I read next? And where will I get it? I've read everything I've got (other than A Game of Thrones which I'm still having troule with). And I have no money.

13…. When will Susan Helene Gottfried ever get published because I really want to read Trevor's Song!!!

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Jenny said...

Good luck with the weight loss. I need to lose some weight too. I just don't have any motivation to do it.

amy said...

YOu have had a lot on your mind lately....! Good luck with everything

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Geez. I'm reading along, ready to say all sorts of nice things that I hope will up your confidence and then I come up on that last one!

You are a DOLL, Cory!!! Thanks! You made a very good day that much better! I owe you one -- maybe even a free copy, when the book comes out (keep visiting, tell your friends, the more people who talk about me, the more publishers will get interested. Or so I theorize!)


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