Monday, April 02, 2007

Starting a New Week...

I always hate the start of the week. It's always disappointing. There's lots of work to do, I didn't get enough time off, I need some more rest... They just suck!

Today isn't much of an exception to that. We're short a guy at work (the one that covers the overlap in lunches at the front desk), we're incredibly busy today, and I didn't do so well on the test I finally got a grade on. It will probably take more than a week to get the grades from last Friday's test.

I do plan to hit the gym today, but not for very long. I'm going to go hit the circuit training room for a trip around, then go home and do an ab video. I refuse to do an ab class at gym. They look like torture! And then I will clean. I have cleaning to do because the only housework I did over the weekend was laundry. Of course, we had a LOT of laundry.

I'm really excited to have challenged myself to ab work this month. I've spent today being very consious of how I hold my abs when I'm sitting and walking. And I've noticed something rather interesting. When I walk I tighten my upper abs, but have a tendency to stretch out my lower abs. This is something I'm definitely going to be concentrating on every day.

I'm also going to try once again to read A Game of Thrones. I have tried it three times now without getting hooked. It just keeps switching characters too often on me. If I can't get into it this time I may just give up and give it back. There are too many good, enjoyable books out there to be read for me to spend a lot of time reading something that doesn't grasp my attention.


Lola said...

Do you have a ball you can use as a chair at work? I've heard it helps w/ posture and abs.

I might try it tonight at home - so I can fall off it w/ no worrys!

RE: Finishing line pics - when we finished, the lady in blue beside me sprinted past and I though it was odd.
Turns out, I was thisclose to hitting her in the head w/ my excitment to be done! Opps!

Have a great night and just think, only 3 days left of the work week!!

totegirl said...

Have you seen those La Quinta commercials about looking on the bright side? I'm totally adopting that as my new outlook. When crappy Monday comes around, I'll think to myself, "Ahh, another fresh start!", or something like that!

Good job on the ab work so far. You actually inspired me to work on that myself, so thanks!


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