Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hump Day!!!

I don't feel good about going to weigh in. I really want to have lost at least a half-pound so I can get to the 15 pound mark, but I don't think it happened. I'm pretty sure I've gained over the holiday. But, I don't skip weigh ins. I occassionally have to go at a different time, but I do it every week. And lunch today is the time. And I have no real reason not to go. So I go and see the bad news, then go eat at Pizza Hut. But I won't drown my sorrows in pizza. Promise! I actually don't eat pizza much anymore. I attack the salad bar, then have a couple of breadsticks and I'm done.

Even though I don't have news of weigh in, my friend Tee had some terrific and not so terrific news from her meeting. Check out her whole story here, and congratulate her on losing over 5 pounds!!!!

I didn't work out yesterday. I went to the campus post office in the afternoon and hobbled back to work on a knee that nearly made me cry from pain. I decided that working out would not be conducive to me feeling any less pain, so I went straight home from work and went to sleep. Seems like I'm constantly either sick, headachy, or suffereing from pain somewhere. Something has GOT to give.

I do the post-program data collection for Biggest Winners this afternoon at 4. No matter what gain it says I have from the Easter holiday, and the fact that I'm weigh in 9 hours later than normal, I will claim ten pounds lost for the program. It will be cool to get the measurements though. My friend Brandi tells me that she can really tell I've lost. I guess we'll see what the inches say this afternoon. I'm not going to be disappointed no matter what though. I did this to make me get up and start going to the gym, and it's worked. That's the most important thing. I know I would have done better if I had really worked hard on my diet, but I need to handle one thing at a time. Later this month I will seriously start on my eating habits. So I should see some really great changes over the summer.

Well, that's all I've got right now. After lunch I'll update the weight tracker up top. Let's see how far done the 14.5 falls!


~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Buffets are always a problem for me... at least you stick to breadsticks and salad!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck at both your weigh ins today!

jeannie* said...

Good luck at your weigh in!

Amber said...

Good luck at your weigh in! Someone being able to tell a difference is always a great sign!

Meghan said...

Good luck at your weigh-ins!

Kelley said...

10 pounds for the program, that's wonderful!! I'm sure it's definitely noticable, you're looking gooooood! :) Keep it up!

WeightWatchnWoman said...

Cory, no matter what the scale says or the number of inches says, you have done a wonderful job. Thank you for being committed and thank you for staying committed to the challenge. You are my star!!!

Thanks for the shout out on my page...I couldn't have lost the weight without the help of all of you. Thanks friend!


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