Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Win A Book!

No, it's not me giving it away. A few months ago a picked up the book The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason after reading about it online. It's an awesome book! I immediately feel in love with it, and even read the author's blog on a regular basis.

Well, the sequel Rises the Night just came out, and Twisted Kingdom is having a contest! It's a scavenger hunt, and the prize is an ARC of The Bleeding Dusk!

So, if you love a good book, and love checking out new ones, go over there and check out the contest. Also, check out Colleen's blog for some other contest going on right now.


Lola said...

So did you enter to win?

I love reading and just finished a good read. Time to find a new one!

Have a good day!

Cory said...

I actually won a copy of Rises the Night last week, but I'm going to buy a copy anyway. I'll enter a contest or two for the next one, and I'll be supporting a favorite author!!!

Amber said...

Thanks for the information:)


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