Thursday, June 21, 2007


I gained a pound last week, but that's not such a shock. It was a holiday-ish weekend for eating, and I had been sick the week before. I usually show a gain the week after I've been really sick. I think that's normal.

I'm already over 3000 steps for today, so I don't think hitting my low goal of 5K will be difficult. I'm thinking of trying for 1oK today. I can take a walk or something. I have to do some running around campus at lunch anyway. I certianly think that will help build up the steps.

What I have to do at lunch is sell back my management text book. I'll probably put all, or at least most, of that money straight onto my summer univ bill. I hate that I bought the book and have only opened it once. The teacher told us we needed to study it. And I fell asleep within 8 pages in the first chapter. So I haven't opened it again, and have done perfectly fine in the course. Stupis waste of money. Oh well! It only cost me $108.30. Maybe I'll get $20 back. I hope. That would put a decent dent in my $177.50 bill for the summer.

I read Bloody Bones by Laurell K. Hamilton this week. Not a bad book. You definitely see some changes starting in Anita Blake's character. (And some of the others as well.) I could probably say a lot of things about it, but no sense boring everyone to death. If you're interested, pick up the series. It's awesome (although long, with the 15th book having come out this year).

Just started The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. The first book is Storm Front. I'm not very far in, but I'm enjoying it. I'm picking up character bits on Harry Dresden that I didn't catch in the tv series. Then again, they may not have been there either. But it's really interesting so far. I like it because it's a mix of paranormal (he is a wizard!), cop stuff (he is on retainer with the local police), and mystery (I like trying to figure out who done it!). It's really catching me. I would love to own these, but there are already several out and I really can't afford to buy every book I want.

My husband and I are sitting down this month and figuring out our current debt. Then I'll figure out how we are going to pay it off. It's a lot, but Josh does have a pretty big cash payment together for his credit card this month. That will put a decent dent in what we own. (I haven't decided if I will include his car in the estimate or not. What do y'all think?) Hopefully we can get out pretty quickly (2 years? yeah right!), but that will kinda depend on if he gets the job he interviewed for this week. I'm being positive with him, but I'm not really expecting it. And even if he does get it, the increase in pay will be eaten up in our gas money. The job is an hour and a half away on the coast. We would move to a half-way point, and I hope that would really drop our rent payment. But don't know...

Update: They didn't buy back my book. :( But I did manage a 30 minute walk during lunch. I feel really good about that. That's got me at nearly 50 minutes for the day. And I still have my walk home! If nothing else I'll get some good exercise in today!!!!


Tigerlilly said...

Ugh... debt.. another stresser for me. I had to hand it over to hubby because I could'nt handle the stress of it. Good Luck!!

Looks like you are doing awsome. You've lost 15 lbs! We need an updated picture!!

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Sell your book on someone might buy it there.

I hear you about the debt... I've started another blog about my personal finances. It can seem overwhelming, but you can do it! And it'll be a big relief once you get debt-free. Good luck!

Lola said...

Kudo's on getting your walking in!

Ain't debt fun?

We started to get some debt going on our CC's but stopped ALL silly spending.
No dining out, no coffees, no buying books/magazines etc.
You'd be amazed how much that stuff adds up.
We comprimised w/ one fun night out/month (that cost $$ but still kept it low key)
It worked and now we have no debt. Nada. None.
It was a great celebration!

Fatinah said...

hey - great job on all that walking!!!!

JOY said...

Well done on your walk!

I think I read somewhere that to stay health you have to walk between 5000 and 7000 steps a day.

I faithfully done this every day for a week when I was working and I just about hit the 5000 everyday but when you are tied to a desk all day it can be hard to do!

I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that Josh gets the job! It obviously would mean big changes for you both but guess you have talked about it and think it is the right thing to do right now.

I hope your finances look healthier with every step you make in repaying your debt. Everyone has debt and have to balance what and when to pay it - I wish you luck!


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