Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I haven't been the best blogger this week. Things are going decently well for me though.

I was out of the office in a training session most of yesterday. And today I just haven't felt like spending a lot of time looking at the computer. I don't think I got enough sleep for my eyes to handle the glare!

The weekend was fun.

Saturday was partially spent with my parents, then driving home. We didn't see any movies, but I enjoyed my time with them. Even if it was very short. I even went for a 30 min. walk Saturday morning instead of sitting in front of the tv. My sister's daughters are getting bigger everytime I see them. You can check out some of the latest pics at her blog.

Sunday was spent at Josh's parents' house. We watched The Prestige, Man of the Year, Next, and The Illusionist. I enjoyed seeing them all, although I had watched them before. I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed Man of the Year.

That's mostly it. I don't expect to hear the best news in the morning at weigh in. But that's ok. I'm not terribly concerned. It will be good or bad, and I'll go on.

My business class is almost over. I made a 95 on the last test, and the final is next Monday. Only one LONG lecture night left.

Oh! And I didn't get to see the premiere of The Closer last night on TNT. I'm slightly upset about that. But it's ok. It will be on again later!!!!

Y'all have a wonderful week!!! (And I promise to catch up on the blogs soon. Sometime this week.)


JOY said...

You are busy we understand - some things are more important (though not many!!! LOL)

Am sure you will do just fine at the weigh in but whatever happens don't dwell on it - tomorrow is another day.

95 on your test! Was it graded out of 100????

Nice that you spent some time with your family even though it was short. You seemed to have a good weekend.

Heading over now to check your nieces blog!

A Heathier Me said...

Im glad you had a good weekend! Good luck with your weigh-in!!

Fatinah said...

Ugh - I LOVE The Closer - but can't get TNT where I am! I can hardly stand having to wait so many weeks for it to make it's way to a network I get!!!

Good luck with your weigh in!!


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