Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm happy about this, other than having to pay the bills. We'll have, I think, $50 left afterwards. And that's assuming I know about everything that hasn't hit the bank yet. Not happy about this. But that's life!

I finished reading Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern by Anne McCaffrey this morning. I wouldn't have made a point of finishing it this morning if I had known how it was going to end. It depressed me. But it is a terrific book. I'm about to start Nerilka's Story which actually coinsides with the other one. So I already know some of the things that will happen. (Like her GOOD news!) So I should at least have a happy read for this next one.

I'm going to spend some time cleaning up my apartment tonight and tomorrow. And hopefully finish this book! It shouldn't be two hard since it's only a little over a 100 pages long!

The cleaning lady cleaned our counters at work this morning, so I had removed all my stuff from the counter last night. When I was hooking it back up this morning I decided to leave off my computer speakers. I never use them! My desk looks nicer without them. They stayed under the overhand, but I can actually slide more of my "important" things there now. Such as my dragon figure, my stress apple, my pirate ship.... Yes, I keep lots of toys at work! It makes work more fun!

Well, everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!!


Matt said...

Hey Cory, you also have a wonderful weekend. Do something for fun and to make you feel good.

Amanda said...

Toys make everything more fun! :)


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