Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Laptop!!!

I'll be getting a new laptop for work sometime in the fairly near future. I think it's really cool! I actually kinda found out about it yesterday, but I got it confirmed today.

One of the upper-level type guys told me yesterday that my coworker and I were getting new computers. I asked him today if they were going to be laptops again, and he said yes!!! The reason I actually asked him is beause my work laptop backpack has had it. The padded laptop compartment is going unstitched. So after they come in (I doubt they actually place the order until sometime in July) he is going to get someone to order me one of the padded cases that just holds the laptop. And I'll continue to use my personal bag. The great thing about it is that my backpack is perfectly balanced, and had wheels for when my back is bothering me more. Sometimes I roll it and sometimes I wear it on my back. I love it!!!

Anyway, I'll probably be getting a Dell Latitude D620 Notebook. It's got 2 gigs of ram and a DVD burner! And a 14.1" Widescreen. It's the university's new base laptop since we are now going with Dell. I almost wish they would get us the high-end laptop, but I doubt it. I don't know the specs on them, but I know they are a world above the base model. I'm also thrilled because this will be the first new computer I've gotten at work. In the 5.5 years I've worked here I've gone through 9 computers. They have all be hand-me-downs, and most of those were on their last leg when I got them. Only my previous Dell was a really good one. I had it for nearly two years. (It was a high-end when it was bought, and only a year old when it was passed on to me.)

Anyway, that's my other good news of the moment! On top of a good raise this year, I think I'm going pretty damned good at work right now!


Living to Feel Good said...

How exciting for you!!!
Congrats on your fantastic loss!!


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