Friday, March 30, 2007

Another Friday...

This is just another busy Friday. Ok, it's actually a bit more busy. But that's just fine. I'll survive.

I didn't make it to the gym at all yesterday, but I don't feel bad about it. I walked a lot around campus and that will just have to do. I went to the bookstore to see if they had the book I've been wanting to read, Dark Legend, but no they didn't. And the local library doesn't have it either. Oh well. I'll just have to order it off amazon when I get the money, and just try to be patient in the mean time. I also didn't study enough for my test today. But oh well. Today I just don't care.

As for today, work sucks. I HATE the big boss of my department sometimes. The univ is having Founder's Day to celebrate the founding of the university. There is a big speech giving thing that every office is supposed to be allowed to close for and everyone go. Our office has been informed that we are not closing. It kinda sucks. But I'll get over it. And eventually I'll finish reading this chapter so I can take the darned test.

Our office has also lost a temp employee and there are no plans to replace him. So lunch schedules have been thrown off in our office. I went to lunch at 11 today. I dropped some bills by the post office before heading to the gym for a work out. I just did the circuit training room. 20 minutes (or actually a little less than that) But I think it was a decent work out. I got a bit to eat and a low cal smoothie after that and now I'm working again. Or at least I'm pretending to work. At 5:30 I'm meeting some people to walk on one of the local trails. I'm not going to walk for very long though. I still have that stupid test to worry about. And possibly DnD. But at least I will get a little more activity in. My lower back hasn't bothered me today, so I might be over my trouble after Tuesday's over-full schedule. :)

I've really liked all the possible challenges I've been sent. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! There are some fantastic ones there, and I'll have to keep that list around for the rest of the year. I'll get everything updated tomorrow as far as the challenge goes. I'm really excited to see that so many people have been participating and benefitting from the support.

On the financial side (feel free to skip the boredom here, I just feel a need to get some of it out) I entered a financial counciling type program a few years ago with some debt. I just found out that next month's payment will pay off the next to last account in it. Uunfortunately, I still have one left there. And I have NO idea of it's status. It should have been payed off already based on what the guy told me when I started it. And I haven't recevied a statement from them in a while. However, I think the company is still paying on the account for me. After a few moves and a hurricane I have next to none of that original paperwork. I hope I can find out something positive on that next week. I'm certianly going to try to. I hope it's nearly paid off as well because I would love to not have to pay that bill every month anymore. That way I can get rid of the debt in all the other accounts I have. And my husband's debt. I'm thinking of trying to take up PayPerPost again in order to make a little money. That would certianly help out with things. I tried to get on with them a few months back but they kept rejecting my blog. Hopefully things will go better this time and I can be making some extra money! And one of these days I really will get down to the plasma donation center....(more money and some good done)

Y'all all have a wonderful weekend!


~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

I certainly understand what you mean about work! It can be a real pain, you know? Sounds like your finances are coming together, though, and that's AWESOME! I commend you for seeking help on it and getting things under control. Great job!

ArleneWKW said...

I appreciate your comments on my blog, Cory, and am glad to see that you're staying the course with getting rid of the lbs. It looks like you've been really consistent over the course of this month. Re. the debt issue: My son finished college with major debt. This was not because of money spent on necessary college expenses. He was way into partying and buying stuff on credit. He's had to deal with this for many years. The good news is that he's managed to pay off the credit cards. He still has some college loans he must deal with, but these are entirely manageable. He also got help from a credit management type agency. It looks like you've got this all pretty much under control. I can easily understand how frustrating it must be for you to not know where you stand with the last of the accounts


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