Monday, March 26, 2007

Well, I missed my weigh in today because I was knocked out in bed. I still had my migraine when I woke up this morning so I went on in to the doctor. He gave me some meds to knock me out and said I should have been in to see him last week. :) I told him I was stubborn.

So that pretty much tells you my day. I think I'm going to weigh in on Wednesday. I think that's when our center is open all morning. I'll have to double-check because I don't want to just miss this week.

My time at Habitat for Humanity was nice on Saturday, other than my head hurting. To be honest, my fore-arms still hurt.

I'm taking beginner kickboxing the next two Tuesday nights. That's going to be fun. It's something that one of the Biggest Winner guys asked for specifically. I kinda hope they decide to offer it as a regular class at the gym next semester.

Well, I hope everyone is still doing well in their goals. I'll try to get caught up on blogs tomorrow, but no guarantees. I have a test Friday so I still have to do some studying for that!


Weight Master said...

First visit to your blog. I'm sorry bout the migraine. My sis has them, so I know how bad they can get. I've thought about taking up kickboxing. I'm linking you to my site;


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