Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Just Don't Feel Like It

Sorry, but I don't much feel like blogging today. I was on the Gulf Coast yesterday for the USM Staff Council, and then worked last night. Needless to say I didn't get my Water Aerobics fix last night.

And today I just really don't feel great. Nothing but my coworkers influence. She was in another of her pretending I don't exist and not talking to me phases when I got back yesterday. And it's the same today. Since I did nothing to her I don't know what the problem is. And I can't find out because all she will do is mumble when I talk to her. Needless to say it isn't making for me having a good day. And will probably only get worse.

I read and caught up on everyone's blogs this morning, sorry I didn't comment on but a couple of them. I'm just not in the right mindset today. I was feeling great when I left the apartment, just a little sleepy. It's amazing how one person's bad mood can affect others so profoundly. Then again, she's the only person I have a lot of contact with throughout the day. Everyone else is just a few seconds here and there.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be better. If not, then I guess I'll just suffer!


Robyn said...

I get husband was in a REALLY rotten mood this morning - and it's messed with my day as well. Don't you hate that? Sometimes I wish I had a big bubble around me that other people's moods or attitudes couldn't penetrate.

ArleneWKW said...

That sucks to have a moody coworker.
Too bad she doesn't leave the acting out of her mood AWAY from work where it belongs. Chalk it up to her immaturity, I guess. Congratulations on getting rid of a pound and a half.

Janice said...

"Happiness is the best revenge" as they say and maybe you can succeed despite what anyone else does or says.

Her bad mood is likely not about you but about whatever nonesense she has going through her head.

I know it's hard not to let it affect you but it won't make her mood any better if you are in a bad mood too.

Actually I remembered a trick from some seminar I went to as a coach which robyn's bubble comment reminded me off.

If someone annoys you, you just imagine that you are surrounded by an invisibls glass bubble that their moods and comments just bounce off leaving you happily unaffected.

You can do this, with or without a co-worker's mood - you really can if you want to do it enough.


Fatinah said...

you should pinch that b**ch till she asks you to stop in a full sentence! HAHAHAHA!!! Don't let her get you down....

Lola said...

Don't let her get to you! By the sound of it, she is NOT worth your worry.

Just keep smiling and being happy towards her. It'll either tick her off or make her wonder what you are planning on doing to her desk when she goes home for the night :)

Hope the rest of the afternoon is a good one.


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