Thursday, March 22, 2007

I hate migraines!

Sorry I haven't been active online, but I woke up yesterday morning with the migraine from hell. I seriously hate waking up with them. I would rather feel it coming so I'm prepared, and can maybe do something about it. Anyway, that kept me home yesterday, and today I still have the sick head, but at least it's bareable.

Needless to say, I missed my step workout last night. But I am going to water aerboics tonight!!! But several of the regulars are going to be out, so the class will be tiny. But I guess that's ok. I'll still enjoy the water! (And one of the ladies has already asked me if I was going...) I'm not doing anything after I get home though. Other than soaking in a tub then going to bed!

I finally finished the reading for my test tomorrow. I just took the two study quizzes and discovered that I have to read the meat of the material again. :( But that's ok. This was an interesting chapter. And we have our essay assignment already. It's on "The Mommy Track". I'll be looking into that this weekend and try to get started. And I still don't have my grade on the last test. Don't know when she is going to release those because it tells me that it is graded already.

I have both of my DnD games this weekend, so that will keep me going. I'll just have to figure out the food plans involved. I'm tempted to take myself all my own food. Then I'll know all my options. The hubby can eat whatever is randomly decided. ;) I'm also doing a Habitat for Humanity work day Saturday. It's through our Biggest Winners program, and we are working 8-12. I'm excited about that. I've never done it before. The sucky part is I have to be on campus at 7:30. So no sleeping in for me, and no us hanging out at the store until 1 in the morning. Josh will just have to deal with it.

Well, I hope that everyone else is doing better than me, and I hope you all have wonderful weekends!


JOY said...

Oh Cory so sorry to hear you haven't been well.

There is nothing worse than a migraine!

Hope you are better soon, take lots and lots of water and rest up!

You might be overdoing it with you busy busy schedule!

Have a nice relaxing bath and evening - you deserve it.

Amber said...

I so feel you on the migraines I had one Tuesday and it was terrible.

Hope you had fun at water aerobics last night. A nice relaxing bath sounds so nice!


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