Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Just Another Week..

Not Really!!! I think I'm still kinda riding on that two pound loss high to be honest. Although I've been having stupid accidents all morning, I'm feeling really good about things.

By stupid accidents, I mean things that luckily don't matter much. For example, I overslept yet didn't really sleep at all. Well, maybe that doesn't really fit. I accidentally poured part of my water down my shirt this morning. But it was just water, and it dried. I stubbed my toe, I ALMOST left my gym stuff at home. And I hung up on a customer this morning. Luckily she called right back and my coworker apologized for me. She told the lady that my face was priceless when I did it. At least she wasn't upset!

As for feeling really good, I WALKED to work this morning. To be honest, I didn't have much choice as I only have enough gas to get to the gas station this afternoon after the gym. But after not walking to work last week, I know I need to get back to it. It really helps to energize me through the day. And if the weather turns bad I know I can always get a ride home. I can call the hubby or ask one of the many guys in the office to give me a lift. And it's faster to get to the gym on foot than to drive all the way around campus. :)

Total Body Toning was cool last night, although I almost didn't go. In the afternoon I was feeling bad, but by the time I got home I was feeling a lot better. We had a sub teaching, and she will be teaching the course for the next two weeks. She approaches it differently, and it was a nice change. We did almost everything on a ball. It was cool. Then I had to wait for my hubby to get out of his Aikido class. It went over. After class his teacher told me I should have just come in, but I didn't want to interrupt the end of their lesson. I just watched and patiently waited the 15 minutes for them to finish. The class that was meeting next door wasn't so patient. They were another martial arts class and needed the mats. I was having fun trying not to crack up listening to them complaining. I'm finding myself wanting to try it out when I'm in better shape. But that will definitely be further down the road.

Tonight I have water aerboics. I'm excited. It SHOULD be Rosie teaching, and she keeps it much more aerobic that Molly does on Thursday. I'm excited to be getting back to that normal schedule. I love getting in the water, and these classes are awesome.

I photographed all my food yesterday, I just don't feel like getting my camera out right now and dealing with it. So I'll get that done this afternoon or tomorrow. You'll just have to wait. ;)


JOY said...

So glad you got the opporunity to get back to walking to work. I think it is all the little things that add up to helping us get fit.

I love the sound of aqua aerobics but my health club doesn't do it! I have made enquiries.

You are doing brilliantly - CONGRATULATIONS on the 2lb loss!


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