Monday, March 19, 2007

Mini Challenge, Sunday Meals

OK, I don't have pictures of everything, but I'll describe what I don't have. Promise!

I slept late, so my day actually started with lunch. I had a small piece of chicken, a half-cup of nibblet corn in butter sauce (Green Giant, really good), and a half-cup of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots in cheese sauce (Green Giant, NOT good). I ate a little over half the mixed veggies because the cheese sauce tasted funny. It definitely wasn't to my taste. Josh didn't like it either so the leftovers on it got put in the trash. And I drank water with my meal.

For a mid afternoon snack I opened a box of Girl Scout cookies. I really love the Samoas, and was really good! I only ate two, although I left the pack sitting open on the end table ALL evening.

For supper, I got the surprise of my husband wanting to eat at the Food Court while we were out for our shopping. I was planning to cook something, and thus got caught without a camera to photograph my supper. However, I ate something really good. I got a baked potato from McAlister's Deli. It had bacon and cheese melted on top. I was actually a little surprised when I got it (in a good way). It was smaller than they normally are, and had less bacon and cheese on it. But it was REALLY good. And, of course, I had their sweet tea to drink with it. They have the best sweet tea in town. It is considered a sin to eat there and NOT get tea to drink.

And, as a snack in the evening I caved and had something I LOVE, but try to avoid this time of year. I only ate one, and don't plan to eat more than two more of these over the Easter holiday. (In the past I have easily eaten ten or more!)

I also managed to get in all my water by the end of the evening, although I see no point in forcing you to look at more pictures of that glass!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, Cadbury Creme Egg.


What is Sweet Tea? Iced Tea?

Amber said...

Oh sweet tea its so dangerous but so good! I love McAlisters sweet tea and used to work there when I was in high school and always brought a gallon home if I closed so it was super dangerous for sure!

JOY said...

Oh Cory you have found my fetish! Creme Eggs - why do they taste so good and are moreish!

Why couldnt someone invent a vegetable to taste this good?

You have done well you eating for the 24 hours especially when you were out and about! Good going!

Am delighted to hear you drank your water! I know how difficult it is.

Michelle said...

Thank you Cory for taking on the challenge!! I'm so proud of you! And embarrassed because I haven't done it yet myself! LOL!

Janice said...

Sorry about sending you over all those Cadbury creme eggs (The factory is in Birmingham in the UK I think). I don't like them myself - the inner bit is too sweet for me.

I love Cadbury's chocolate though.

The longest I ever went without chocolate was after visiting a chocolate factory (not Cadbury's) - all the stuff was sloshing about in big vats and smeared everywhere - yeuck.

Unfortunately, soon got back to liking it after a month or two :)


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