Thursday, March 01, 2007

Biggest Winners

Well, I went to that Masters Class last night. And it KICKED MY ASS!!!!! We did a warmup, and then Kickboxing, then lower body toning. By the time we finished that, my legs were so weak that I had a lot of trouble holding several of the yoga positions we did. I couldn't even do a proper tree pose or pyramid pose! But I guess that just means that they worked us good. My friend Brandi drove me home, thank goodness, because I couldn't have walked there. Luckily a soak in the tub took care of a lot of my trouble and I am feeling good this morning. My legs are only a little sore, but I still wimped out and hitched a ride from the weigh in this morning to my office!

I went to weigh in this morning with happy news. I had lost another 6 pounds this week! That puts me up to 13 pounds lost by the Biggest Winner scales. I hope the weight watchers scales start to catch up with it this week. They just don't weigh me quite so nicely, as can be viewed by my weight loss ticker! But that's ok. Steady wins the race, and that's what counts!

I'm incredibly nervous about my ethics test tomorrow. I really want to bring up my average, but I don't know that it will actually happen. And if it doesn't, I won't let myself down. I do want to say that I'm REALLY proud of Michelle for getting started in school again. I think that's great. And I'm slightly jealous because she's still going to get her bachelors degree before me!!! But that's ok. At least she will have it, and that's great.

Well, I'm just wishing for the day to be over soon because I want to get into the water at water aerobics! And Joy, I hope you're able to find a class somewhere so you can try it out. It's really cool because you can do stuff that can't be done on land, and it's really easy on the joints!

Everybody have a great day and Keep Movin'!



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