Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sometimes I hate my husband and our friends. Because my husband just spent twice the price he quoted me on his martial arts stuff, we are going to have to start eating at home. We simply can't afford it. So, I told him we could eat out today, and start in at home tomorrow. So he and our "friends" decide that we are going to eat at one of the places I don't like. I got outvoted. I'm tempted not to eat with them. I do need to study anyway, but that would be mean.

Other than that today is going fairly well. I have a coworker that isn't speaking to me again, but I don't care. My head is a lot better and she isn't going to ruin that.

I'm doing two classes at the Payne Center tonight, assuming I'm up for it. I'll be taking water aerobics, as usual, and beginner kickboxing. I'll just take it lighter than normal in water aerobics to get me though. :) I think it will be fun. I wish they would have scheduled the two Beg. KB classes on a different day though. Oh well. That's life.

I hope that everyone is having a great week!


Amber said...

Sorry to hear about the hubby spending more that stinks. How mean of them to not let you eat where you liked after he did that.

Good luck with kickboxing it really is fun but so tough for sure!

JOY said...

You seemed geared up for the week cory - good for you for forward planning.

It is SO annoying that your hubby spent double what he told you - that wasn't very nice! You must get your own back on him someway!

We will have to think of something LOL.

If I was you I wouldn't go to the restaurant - what is the point if you won't enjoy it! Grab a bottle of wine and order a takeaway - you deserve some "YOU" time without the hubby! LOL


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