Monday, March 12, 2007

Weigh In

Ok, so my short post to let everyone know about my horrid weigh in. I was rather pleased to only see I had gained two pounds. So I'm still in the wonderful arena of more than 10 pounds lost (barely). And I obviously didn't do too much damage this past week. I can come back from 2 easy. But I was expecting to see 5 or 6, and that was going to be hard. I honestly don't expect to see it all gone this week, but give me two weeks and I'll be really good again.

I also wanted to toss in an update on my Lent challenge. I bombed it this weekend. I had a Pepsi and three Dr Peppers while I was home. But I'm not letting it upset me. It happened. And when there wasn't any tea there, and no cold water, what could I do? But I'm back on track now and don't expect any major problems.

And on my March challenge for weekends, I was within bounds. I didn't go anywhere near as crazy as I have been in the habit of. And I gave myself a little bit of leeway considering I did have a baby shower to go to. Where I ate a LOT of wonderful strawberries...yummy!


Michelle @ The 2007 Challenge said...

Hang in there Cory!! I'm sorry to hear about the gain, but you know what you gotta do to get back on track, and you're going to do great. Those 2lbs will be history!

Take care!

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

I love strawberries! Don't worry about a small setback... you'll bounce back!

JOY said...

Hey Cory

We all have down weeks! The good thing is that you aren't dwelling on it!

You are ready to put the soda's behind you and get that two pounds off! Good for you.

You can do it Cory!

Amber said...

You can get the two pounds off in no time!

Thought I would come and stop by as I saw you were from MS and thats pretty much where I grew up but am now in TN and I dont ever see anyone from MS.

Janice said...

I don't know if this is true for you Cory but I know for many people weight can easily go up and down by 2lbs overnight just because of a salty meal the night before or being dehydrated or because of hormone fluctuations in the month.

To put on 2lbs of fat you need to eat 7000 excess calories!

I find it helps if you weigh yourself every day and then just take an average for the week - as long as the TREND is in the right direction you're doing well.

And if you have a bad day, you can still rescue the whole week's average quite easily.


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