Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday After Thanksgiving...

Meeting was wonderful. The topic was "All I Know About Weight Loss I Learned From Noah's Ark". I really like that it had a slightly spiritual theme. I think that for those of us that are religious, it is important to include that in our weight loss attempts. Studies know show that it will help you to loss more weight and keep it off longer. As far as the meeting, Noah's Ark was as close to spiritual as it got. God was not mentioned at all. But, that makes since. And if I stepped on anyone's toes with these comments, get over it! I love you all, and am who I am.

But, to get off that note, the total group lost 34.5 pounds, which was fantastic. 1.5 pounds of that was ALL ME! I am so happy. I stared at the display for a minute before asking my leader if it said what I think it did. She laughed at me and said it did.

So, now I am off to finish some shopping.



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