Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cool Day

Today is kinda awesome, kinda strange, and kinda off.

Today is the last working day for the university. I'm off!!!!!!! I just have to survive until noon. 2 hours left. The university technically closes at 2, but I'm leaving early.

I slept a little late this morning. I had all kinds of awesome plans for my morning alone time, but I had forgot to reset the alarm clock, so I didn't get up until 6. There went my free time. But I was ready to go on time. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the end of the Angel episode that was on this morning. And now I still haven't seen it. Oh well!

I got to William's to pick him up at about the same time as usual. I knocked and waited. Knocked and waited. I could hear him moving around. SOO, I knocked again. And he answered in a towel. He didn't get up until 6:10. And that's only because his cat was freaking out for some reason. But, I still got him to his ride on time. No problems. And I got to play with the cat. Poor Panda isn't going to know what to do without me showing up for two weeks. Because she DEFINITELY knows when it is time for me to show up.

And now, I will let you figure out for yourself what is awesome, what is strange, and what is off!



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