Thursday, December 21, 2006

Day 1...

Of keeping in touch over the holiday. I think I might be doing ok. I didn't comment, but I did check everyone's blogs.

I slept entirely too late this morning. But I don't care!!!!

I went to eat with my hubby and our friend's Joe and Lynn. That was fun. Got to see the baby Raegan. Although I might have to stop calling her baby, she's 14 or so months old now, and getting BIG!

I went to do some shopping and ran into my friend Dee. Between work and school (for both of us) we don't see each other often enough. I hope she can get the job at the Univ that she applied for. More Dee time!!!!!

And I finished up with the hubby's Christmas stuff. I just needed to pick him up a game, and that is done. And I'm happy to be home out of the rain.

I've also gotten to see my friend Donna this week. She is finally divorced, and so happy about it. We went to see Eragon last night. Good movie, but leave the book behind when you watch it. Now I'm making copies of the wedding pics for her. So I get to see her again before she heads home to Colorado. Which is unfortunately this weekend....

Merry Christmas everyone!


Amazon Alanna said...

Hi Cory...sorry it took me so long to visit your blog after you were kind enough to comment on mine twice!

I can't wait to see Eragon myself, and I'm glad you told your reader to leave the book at home or I'm sure I'd be sorely disappointed.

Good luck with your weight loss over the holidays and I'll be sure to check in again.


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