Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Weigh In

I gained a half pound this week. No big deal though. After finding out about my body fat percentage last night a small gain isn't enough to bother me. It's just my body trying to stabilize itself again. I'm going to go strict on program this week though. Just to push myself through this. And because I should be doing that anyway. :)
It's only my second gain during the Christmas Challenge, and I'm still over half-way to my goal, so I'm still good there. Things are going well!!!!


Tigerlilly said...

Your doing amazing!! Your going to exceed your Christmas goal... I think so anyway!! ;)

ps.. I posted my Meme.. thanks for sending it my way!!

Kate said...

Your doing great. A half pound is nothing, I'm sure you will take that off, plus more next week. Keep up the great work.

Maria said...

No biggy re: the gain.. You're doing very well! Keep going!! :-)

CaRoLyN said...

You're doing great, don't sweat a small gain, you'll see it fly off next week!

dancer-in-me said...

Cory, you are doing great! That is a great attitude! Don't let let a gain get you down. It is just a gain and it will come right back off.


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