Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Gifts

I love giving Christmas presents. And sometimes I have trouble deciding what to get people. And for most people, I have no problem with the idea of asking people what to get them. I have no problems with being given a list of options, or one particular item that a person really wants. If they want a surprise, they'll give more options, right?

Well, I really hate when people turn around and ask what to get me. It's not that I really hate the question, I just never know how to answer. You never know how much someone is thinking to spend, and you don't want to make them think you require them to spend a lot, or that you think they are cheap. Always a difficult thing for me!

To this end, I just decided to really use (yeah, it's probably slightly late this year...) a function of a site a visit fairly regularly. I made an Amazon.com Wish List. I put a lot of books on it. I put a few pieces of jewelry I saw I liked.

Now, I realize this isn't perfect. There are things I like and want that aren't available on Amazon (What a shock!!!) and then again, there are people that don't shop online (Another shock!) But, at least no one can say they didn't have a clue. And if someone does want to get me a book, at least they can go see a list of ones I want!

Now, the reason I'm blogging this is I just wanted to share it with y'all just in case it was an idea some of you might find suitable. (And, for those of you with children, you can create multiple lists and have lists to tell the grandparents to go look at for all those requested toys!)


Fatinah said...

that's actually a great idea - thanks for the tip!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I think that is a great idea!


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