Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm annoyed today.

Ok, so that REALLY comes as a shock to anyone, right?

It's nothing major, and doesn't really bother me that much either. Just a time killer. The simulations I have to do completely take over my computer, and I cannot use any other program without shutting the simulation down. This means I cannot really do them while I'm at work. If I could they would already be done. So, today is really boring at work and we don't really have anything to do because not many people are on campus to have problems. Well, I kinda thought since it was so slow I could load the stuff on one of our lobby computers (used for basic troubleshooting of student accounts) and do my last simulation at work this afternoon. And that woulf free up my laptop in case I had any customers. The computers refuse to load the lastest version of FlashPlayer so I cannot do it. I hate having an afternoon wasted at work. And I really want to get my final simulation done. I would rather not have to deal with it this weekend at home.

Oh well, that's life. I'm sure I will come up with something for the rest of the afternoon.

We had a pot luck for Thanksgiving at work. I brought a bucket of cookies that I have no intentions of eating. If they don't get eaten before I go get the bucket (if I even bother!) I will send them to the local gaming store. Someone is bound to eat them there. I ate about 1 oz of pork with maybe .5TBSP of barbecue sauce, 2 chicken strips, 1 small piece of cake, 1 chocolate chip oatmeal walnut cookie (AWESOME!), and had a canned coke to drink. Not wonderful, but not so bad either. I should have skipped the cake, but I was curious. I'll be working it off tonight though. I have to finish moving around furniture to prepare for tomorrow when I should be getting my cabinet. And Josh told me he may not be home until 6 or 6:30 so I'm kinda sad. I hate that he has to work late, especially since we worked late last night.

Well, y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!!



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