Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Got a few things...

I've actually got a couple of pieces of news to share today. I'll start with the worst and move from there. That way the message gets better as I go!

-The local gaming store, The Gamer Sanctuary, is closing it's doors. The last day of business will be Nov. 28. This makes me sad because I have met some awesome folks there. And most of them I don't see outside of the store because that's the only place big enough for everyone to get together. We will be holding a wake at the store that evening to say goodbye to our hangout. We've known for a while that it would be closing. Greg just wasn't making any money anymore.

-I gained 2.5 lbs this week. Yes, that is a GAIN. But I'm ok. I did it to myself with crazy eating over the weekend. The lady that weighed me, not my usual, was surprised by my upbeat attitude about it. And the lady that usually weighed me told her that I had a great attitude about weighins and complimented me on it. I no longer let the number on the scale get to me (although I do let the suspense get to me a lot!) I look at the gain this week as a tool to keep me in line over the long holiday weekend.

-I still don't know how long I have to work today. I suspect we won't find out until 11 am or after if we work this afternoon or not. I'm hoping that Dr. Saunders decides to send everyone home. I would love to go home for the afternoon.

-I read an awesome comic this morning. Most everyone is familiar with the game Guitar Hero even if they haven't played it. And it's hard to miss talk, or a display about, the new game Rock Band. I personally have no intentions of purchasing Rock Band, although we talked about how cool that kind of game would be before they ever announced plans of it. I'm planning on one of our other friends purchasing it so we don't have to! :) To that end, read the latest Ctrl+Alt+Dlt!

10:25am Update - I MAY get off at lunch. The way the President worded her message the CIO could choose to leave our office open all day. I hope they hurry up and let me know!



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