Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not feeling it

Not feeling the blogging today. Not sure why. Oh well, this will be pretty short then.

I completely forgot that I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor yesterday afternoon. I rescheduled for Monday. Maybe I can remember it this time!!! Of course, I have to because that will be a month, and it was supposed to be 2 weeks!

I cleaned more in the apartment last night, and left some for the hubby to do. Not much, and he did it before he went to bed. So tonight I will be doing the little bit I need to in the bedroom. Then tomorrow night (or possibly even tonight!) I will move out the bookcase and stuff in it to actually empty out the area for our new cabinet. I hope to get it in Saturday. Then I can rearrange my kitchen!!!! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

Then this weekend I get to do a lot of schoolwork since I couldn't because I had to clean. I'll try to get Josh to load my camera on my computer tonight or tomorrow night so I can post pictures.

Well, y'all have an awesome day!


totegirl said...

Hooray on the loss! And yay on the cleaning! What's the new piece of furniture, or did you say that earlier? I'll have to read some more and catch up, huh?

CaRoLyN said...

Congrats on the loss. That is fantatsic. I love new furniture! It's so much fun. I'm a huge cheesball like that though and love getting anything for the house. Have a great weekend!

JOY said...

Well done on the loss! You are an inspiration honestly Cory!

Can't wait to see the new furniture - you are like me I get really excited when I get something new for the house!

Have a fantastic weekend (even though you are studying)!


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