Monday, November 12, 2007

Started while waiting for the teacher!

Well, I WAS caught up on my blog reading, but a few days out of touch has changed that again. I'll get caught up again this week sometime. In the meantime, here is some news on my life! (Yeah, just what you all wanted for Christmas, right? More of my boringness...)

I was sick on Friday with yet another migraine. Hence the out of touch stuff. It sucked. I was planning to do my programming homework at work on Friday. Instead it didn't get done. I did do one of my office simulations Friday night though. So that's something....

Saturday I got up and did another office simulation. I should have gotten up a little earlier and done too, but I was still feeling the effects of my lovely migraine. I got over more of it though. So, Josh and I got ready, I braided his hair (I did take pictures which I will get to share eventually!) and headed out to play DnD. Ms. Ptitts killed the red dragon with the elephant. Yes, you did read that right. She used her rod of wonder to drop an elephant on the dragon. At which point they both plument 2 miles to hit the water and each die. We were on this huge bridge and the fight was fun. My warmage did a lot of damage to the dragon, and the other characters each got their on hits in as well. We didn't leave there until after 2am. My migraine tried to come back, so I dozed while most everyone else watched Chuck and Larry.

Sunday I had planned to do another office simulation and hopefully some of my programming homework. But everyone was out to get me. Josh's parents wanted us to meet them across town at Sams. And his Uncle Bob wanted us to drive out to look at some kitchen cabinet thingie that he is giving us. I didn't think we were going to be able to take it, but I've figured out a way to fit it in the apartment and it's going to be an awesome thing to get it. Then we got lunch (2pm now!) and headed home to get ready to head to Jackson. We went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!!!!!

We left at 4pm to drive 1.5 hours to see a 7:30 concert. Josh's mom wanted us to go in the daylight because we weren't sure how to get there. Yeah, it wasn't daylight when we got there, and we were WAY early. So we sat in Taco Bell and chitchated for a while. (Josh's cousin Ben went with us.) If their winter tour comes within three hours or so of you, it's worth going to see! The music is terrific. (Best sound of any concert I've ever went to!) The light show is superb! And there are enough hot men and women on the stage to make anyone drool. It was definitely worth the experience. And we got to see my friend Drew there. Since he graduated and moved home I rarely see him anymore and he is a really cool guy. And we got t-shirts. I'll take my progress pic sometime soon in mine. That way I get both in one shot!

Anyway, Josh drops me off at home after the concert after midnight. He actually dropped me off because he completely forgot that he had to take his cousin home. We were in the apartment and he shook his cousins hand and told him we would see him later... Then Ben says "You've got to take me home." It was awesome. But I got my shower in the time it took Josh to take him home, so he could have gotten to bed quicker if he wanted to. Needless to say he didn't.

Well, that's most of everything from the weekend. I'll be spending most of this week cleaning in the apartment. I have to get the living room and dining room cleaned up enough to get my new piece of furniture in. I've already taken before pictures, so as soon as we get it in I'll post before and after pictures. Since the place is a total mess right now I think this will be great. A project!!!

If you're curious: The title comes from the fact that I wrote most of this on notebook paper this morning waiting for my teacher to show up for class.....


JOY said...

Hi there my friend! Remember me?

So glad to be online again and catch up with what you have been upto!

Seems like you have been very popular - glad you enjoyed the concert - sounds amazing!

Sorry you have been feeling unwell - hope you are back to your wonderful self soon!

Can't wait to see your before and after pics!

Off to read more of your blog and see what you've been upto.


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