Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lovely Weekend...

Didn't get my cabinet yesterday. It's supposed to be delivered today. Didn't do my homework yesterday either. I'll probably get it done today. I'll probably start it after my post here is finished! May not FINISH it this morning, but I will start.

My friend Stimpy's new lady friend dumped him before they really started dating. I really feel bad for him, but I'm not really surprised. She is young (21 I think) and lives about 2 hours away. And hasn't been making any real effort on her end other than the occasional phone call. However, I am kinda pissed. She dumped him via IM through an offline message. His bad luck simply has not turned around. Wish I knew some awesome local gamer girl to hook him up with. He apparently can't pick a decent girl on his own.

Anyway, Josh and I ate at Applebee's with him last night. Still don't have the cabinet so I still cannot cook in the apartment. Wish they would hurry up and call about that, but all in time. Instead of a drink before dinner I got a coffee afterwards. I got the Cafe Magic, which has Baileys and Amaretto in it. Nice drink. I'll probably try one of the other coffees next time we go though.

Then we headed back the the apartment for a little while and Stimpy decided to try the online play for guitar hero. That was kinda neat. He seriously beat the first person he played and the second guy quit pretty early in their first song. Kinda sad.

Then the three of us met up with a couple of other friends to watch Beowulf. The movie was ok, but I wasn't really pleased. Sadly, I can't even figure out why. I spent the last thirty minutes of the movie trying to figure out exactly what I didn't like. I can think of one think, but I'm not going to ruin the movie for anyone else by mentioning it. It's a kinda major plot point.

Well, I'm off to do some homework. And later I might even manage to have some pictures to post if the guys don't decide they want to hang out and play games.


Christine said...

Thanks for the heads up on that movie. Hubby has been pestering me to go and see it. I keep making excuses. :)

ArleneWKW said...

I'm also very glad that you wrote about your reaction to Beowulf. It's a movie that I thought I "should" see, but didn't particularly want to see. Now I won't have to.

Cafe Magic sounds yummy.

I think your friend Stimpy might have dodged a bullet. From what you wrote of the lady friend, she doesn't sound like a keeper. Hopefully he'll meet the right woman in the near future.

Rae said...

Thanx for the movie review I am not a movie buff but the BF wants to go see it maybe I can convince him to wait until it comes out on DVD lol...

I hope your friend finds someone who will treat him better & care enough about him not to hurt him..I hope you get your cabinet soon

Fatinah said...

mmm, that coffee sounds yummy!

I will try to get those recipes scanned today - I meant to do it on the weekend, but I forgot!

Paige said...

My SO went and saw Beowulf and had sort of the same reaction. Overall he "guesses he liked it" but it "wasn't the greatest and had odd moments", it was a funny reaction that made me think I'll wait for it on DVD.

JOY said...

What an awful way to break up with someone!

Glad Stimpy has you guys.

Oh god I remember going to Applebees in Dubai - I love that restaurant! Brought back many a happy memory when you said you had been to Applebees. We don't get them here worst luck!

Would you believe it I went yesterday and got a bottle of Baileys for Christmas - I love baileys with ice!

Hope you managed to get the homework done!


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