Friday, February 06, 2009

WOOO! It's Weekend!

This was a rough week at work, especially today. And next week will be bad as well. But, I have the weekend now. And it's almost for me.

Tomorrow we'll be making a day trip to my sister's house. It's my neice Abby's birthday party. Josh and I will be spending around 7 hours in the car by the time we get back home. But it'll be great to see the family!

Sunday will be mostly for school work. I have an economics exam on Wednesday, and either one of two quizzes in my MIS class due by the 14th. But, I'll make it through both. The MIS class has been interesting so far, and Economics is survivable, if boring.

I think I've done fairly well during the rest of the week diet wise. I've tracked faithfully and mostly made good food choices. Things didn't work out for me to really do lunch today at work, so I ended up raiding the vending machine instead. But this shouldn't be the case next week. I guess I'll see how it actually goes though.

I got a great surprise in my e-mail this morning at work. I got a thank you message from a lady that I helped yesterday. She had e-mailed my manager to thank both of us, but didn't know my last name. Nor could she find a list of iTech employees to figure it out. And my manager forwarded it to me, as well as the two folks above her. What a great start to my day, huh? That certainly makes some of the less enjoyable calls worthwhile. This lady was great to work with, and very easy going. I wish they were all that easy...


Twisted Cinderella said...

Oh that is so nice!


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