Saturday, February 28, 2009


We got a new TV! it's not EXACTLY new. We have Josh's Mom's LCD tv that she got 2 Christmas's ago. It's very nice! All the hookups we need, bigger than the one we had, and is HD. So Josh will quit complaining about how the XBox 360 looks. It even has a PC hookup. So WooHoo!

Just thought I would update y'all on the goodness. He just put on an episode of Bleach to test the PC hookup.


dancer-in-me said...

congrats on the TV. We had to buy a new tv last year for our room becuase the old one of 17 yrs. died. I am really enjoying the flat screen hd. Our tv in the living room is a big screen, but old as well. So we had to buy a converter box for it. I can't wait until this one goes and we have to buy a new one. Just hope it is when we have money :)


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