Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hump Day Update!

Well, even with my binging week I managed a .5 lb loss. So YAY! I'm tracking again starting today though. It can go hand-in-hand with the Lenten challenge. Giving up the laziness by exercising daily, AND TRACKING.

The doctor's office still hasn't received my test results so I haven't been able to get my next test on my wrist scheduled. I'll try them again today, then call the neurologist's office if I have too. I want to get this figured out.

I have a mid-term today. I should probably be studying for it since I haven't actually done any of that yet. But, instead I'm blogging. That's the way it goes! I'll manage it at some point this morning I'm sure. Of course, I hate that we still haven't gotten the grades for any of our assignments. She won't give the grades until EVERYONE has handed in the assignment. And some people asked for extensions on the first assignments, and the others aren't even due until Saturday. Silly considering we take the exam today, huh? Ok, enough griping about school.

Life is still going good. I'm just doing the work and class thing. And hoping to play DnD tonight. Well, off to find out the game status! Have a great Wednesday!

Update: No game tonight, but I'm cool with that. I'll actually cook instead of just throwing stuff in the crockpot at lunch!


Becky said...

Good luck on the midterm! And congrats on the loss. Every bit counts! =)


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