Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday Update

Well, first off, we aren't talked about weigh in. I didn't even look at my weight. I just took my book and didn't look. It doesn't matter what it said. I'm letting it affect me at all! I just felt this morning that it was going to be a gain, and I didn't want to know.

I was planning to hit the gym tonight, but that's going to have to wait. Josh's aunt died this morning so we have the family thing. I keep waiting for details on when and all, but nothing has come out yet. Knowing my luck I won't find out until tonight and I'll have to call the boss at home. Oh well. No biggie. I'm just glad that her suffering is over. She's been fighting cancer for over two years now, and it's been bad.

Tomorrow is Daddy's birthday. We're supposed to go up to visit this weekend, assuming all the family stuff is fiinshed down here. I hope it is. Although I have NO idea what to get him. I'll be calling home tonight to get suggestions.

Otherwise, I saw most of my friends at lunch today. We had Mexican. We thought there were going to be 5 people, we ended up with 8 including the toddler. It was interesting. It was fun though. I got to see my friends Sha and Dee. I hadn't seen Dee in nearly two weeks!

Let's see.....other news.... Things are really picking up at work. We had students start moving in today. The rest of them start in on Friday. I'll be mostly out of pocket for the next two weeks. I just won't have much blogging time. But I'll try to let y'all know the big things!

Y'all have a wonderful rest of the week if I don't get back out there!


Christine said...

Gosh you sound like a busy gal. Makes my life sound boring. Take care of yourself.

Amazon Alanna said...

When you get a chance, I left you a little something on my blog...


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