Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Time For the Toes!

Today the scales read a beautiful 214 lbs, meaning 1 pound gone this week. Back to my lowest, I'm happy to say. And next week it will be lower again.

We had a new guy start today in our office. He's going to be handling computer and software procurement for the university. Wish I knew his name though. I was on the phone, and so was most of the rest of the office during his introductions. And the people that weren't on the phone have forgotten his name. Oh well, I'll find out later.

I'm feeling good at the moment, although I didn't feel good at the actual start of the day. That's ok though. I can't feel fantastic every moment!!!!

And, because I was asked about it earlier, SparkPeople is a weightloss/healthy living community online. The address is It's free to join. They will give you calorie recommendations, and you can enter your food there. They will develop a strength training program for you if you want, or you can design your own. You can keep track of your exercise, measurements, and goals. They have message boards that you can use to ask for advice, give advice to others, tell your story, shout out your good news, and ask for encouragement when you need it. They have personal webspace for you where you can create a page talking about yourself and even post blog entries and pictures. They also have SparkTeams. You can join teams of people with similar interests to yours. So, if you're interested, check it out! It's a great place with some awesome people.

Y'all all have a wonderful day!!!!!


Christine said...

Very nice toes - and congrats on the weigh in!
Thanks for sharing the info on SparkPeople -will be checking it out on my next day off. :) Have a good one!!!

ArleneWKW said...

Pretty feet. Back to your lowest -

R said...

Way to go on the loss keep up the good work..I joined Sparks People its a great place

A Heathier Me said...

You motivated me to finally take time to paint my toes too!

Have a great weekend :)

dancer-in-me said...

Congrats on the wieght loss! Cute toes. Reminded me that I desparately need to do mine. :)

Danielle said...

congrats on your successes!!! i have been getting the sparkpeople newsletters for a while, and really enjoy them.


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