Monday, August 06, 2007

It's Monday!!!!

Let's see, my Monday hasn't started off great. I couldn't sleep well last night (well, this morning). TOM has arrived, so I feel sickly. And I'm pretty sure I've gained. AGAIN! My my coworker told me she isn't in a good mood because she didn't get to sleep unitl 2:30 AM.

BUT... despite all that I feel positive this morning. I feel like I can really get moving again and see some awesome changes.

Wednesday will see something a little different here. I linked through some different blogs, but Fat Bridesmaid has an interesting challenge up right now. Take a picture of your feet while you are standing on the scale. While my scale isn't going to show the weight since I weigh in at weight watchers, I'm going to do it anyway. It will be fun. Just so happens I actually painted my toenails Friday night. Did my fingernails too, but I have to redo them tonight. They survived me at home (a surprise) but haven't survived my first day at work with them. Which is why I don't paint them often. But my toenails will look fine for a couple of weeks. :)

I did a lot of reading over the weekend. Should have been more active. But at least I did go grocery shopping. My husband and I now have food to eat. Which is always a good thing!!!

I had plans to join Fat Bloke Thin's challenge since it started, and finally sent him a starting weight today. I can't believe I've forgotten to send it to him for this long. But oh well. That's just one of those things I guess. I'm just stupid like that. :) At least I finally did it.

I'll actually be eating in the office tomorrow. It's time to make the semester's bookstore trip and see how high my school bill goes. It's looking like at least $300 in books, although I won't know for sure until I pick them up. I'm taking 7 hours this semester. I'm taking Problem Solving In C, which will suck. I'm taking Management Information Systems, which should only suck because it's a Monday night class. And I'm taking Fitness Walking again for the second half term. It will be the last time I can take it, I think. I'm not 100% sure I can get credit for it twice, but I'm doing it anyway. But I have a little time before hell starts up again. Classes start on the 22nd.

Well, I'm off to spend some time on SparkPeople. I actually enjoy the website somewhat. :)


Amazon Alanna said...

I really like the idea of taking a pic of the scale once a week. I might do it to. I have my FatBloke WIs on Monday and my offical WW on Tuesday afternoons. In my mind, they are separate beasts for some reason.


Good luck with the weigh in picture this week! I'll be coming back to visit and see how things go. I love that everyone is painting their toes pre-picture weigh in. You'd think we'd all be worried about the numbers on the scale but instead everyone is like "I must prettify my feet!" Hilarious!

R said...

I just found your blog & enjoy it alot

Matt said...

Reading is good. Think of it as mind exercise. Good luck with your weigh-in.

ArleneWKW said...

Fitness walking sounds like an excellent motivator. Good luck with the various challenges. My current challenge is to get week #1 of actually getting rid of some lbs. Hopefully this will be it.

Christine said...

It was quite tramatic for me to think that my toes were going to be online. I must have taken 45 minutes to paint and shape my nails. It was a big worry for me this morning. And then when I took the picture I couldn't really make it focus anyways - lol!

Whats SparkPeople? Might have to do a Google and see what thats all about.

Take care!!!!


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