Friday, August 17, 2007

And It's Almost Over!

Again. The end of another week. I'm glad it's Friday!!!!

The funeral yesterday was hot. Thank goodness it was at 9 am. We wouldn't have survived if it had been any later in the day. Dr. Register, the old pastor of my church, did the service. He's known Aunt Denice for 13 years, so he had a lot of good things to say. Her son Ben seems to be handling it fairly well, but you never know what someone does once they are alone. He's going to his first classes today. I hope it isn't too hard on him.

Today the freshman have been moving into their dorms. It hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be, but it hasn't been easy either. Next week will be worse.

Ok, over an hour later...We got a bit busy!!! But that's ok. At least we are helping people!

The only other big thing I wanted to mention in my stupidity. I managed to accidentally knock my pedometer inot the trash can at work. So I decided I would rinse it off. Now I have water in it. Hope it dries out.....


Christine said...

Have a great weekend. Hope you get the pedometer aired out. :)

Amazon Alanna said...

Yikes! Ihope your pedometer isn't ruined...give us an update when you get a chance.

Alea said...

Thanks for the comment you left me! It means a lot to me that you're still sticking around, although I've been neglecting my blog so much lately... Thank you.


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