Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two in a Row!

Things are still busy, but have slacked off enough that I might can manage to finish this between now (3:30) and when I get off work at 5. I certainly hope so because it's going to be another brief one!

I didn't do any work in the apartment last night. But I'm going to tonight. I actually feel like working some more right now.

I have to start making my Spring course plan now. I have to go early next week to set up an advisement appointment. I have no clue what I should take. Other than courses that are required. Which isn't that helpful.

I have 145 unread messages to go through. I've tried to hit things pretty quickly, but it's still piling up.

I had lunch with a coworker, Melisa, today. It was nice to spend some time talking to her. I never really get to talk to her. We have indefinite plans to do it again sometimes. The schedule has her going to lunch at the same time as me twice a week, so it hopefully won't be too difficult to manage.

Ummm, I had something else, but I forgot. :) So I'll just leave you with this picture that a coworker sent me earlier today.



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