Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why isn't it over yet?

I'm so ready for this week to be over. I want weekend to get here, not that it will be anything fantastic. But it will not be me coming to work. And that is always appreciated.

I lounged around and did a whole lot of nothing yesterday. And don't feel guilty about it. Apparently my wonderful coworker is pissed at me again. It really got to me yesterday when she was not only not speaking to be, but getting pissy with me for calling her out when she didn't do her job properly. But I digress. I'm not talking about her. I refuse to.

I'm reading Bitten by Kelley Armstrong right now. I picked it and Stolen up at the local library. I'm really enjoying it. I have read the entire series with the exception of these two and the newest one. I have the new one on order though. I ordered it on amazon with another book coming out soon. I may be posting my thursday thirteen on the library later today. Either that or my experience buying textbooks at lunch. An experience that I seriously dread.

As of thirteen minutes ago I was completely caught up on my blog reading. Wish I were caught up on e-mail, but that will take longer. When you spend four days almost completely away from the computer it will pile up. Rather quickly.

I never gave the news on my grades. I got those Monday afternoon. I got an A in my Intro to Computers course (you know, that thing I do for a living!) and a B in Business Ethics. If I had a half-way competent teacher I would have gotten an A. But oh well. My overall gpa is now a 3.6. I hope for it to go up again this summer. Guess we'll just have to see what happens!

Y'all have a wonderful day, and I'll check in again later!



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