Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thirteen Things about CORY

1…. I love walking to work.
2…. But I hate when my neck and back start hurting on the walk.
3…. I love having fresh fruit in the house again. Thanks Josh for picking up the apples!
4…. I need to work on my posture again. I've been letting it go!
5…. I love water. It's been my work staple lately.
6…. I'm thinking of taking 7 hours of classes this summer. I recentally realized the 3 hour course I signed up for is only for half of the summer. But I'm not sure if I would be able to pay for the books AND the extra tuition hour.
7…. I probably won't be able to participate in the University's wellness program this summer. It looks like it will be done during the noon hour, and I have lunch at 11. I hate it, but that's life!
8…. My favorite snack as of late is apples and peanut butter. Now that I have apples again I will be having this at least once a day!
9…. I bought a book to learn knitting.
10…. I have yet to start reading it and I bought it on Sunday.
11…. I just got a call to find out that my bc pills are $144 every three months. And that's with insurance!
12…. That makes me wish that my doctor hadn't decided to have my try this new stuff. The older version was only $45 and I could get it at the school pharmacy.
13…. I GET TO GO HOME FRIDAY NIGHT! I'm glad to get to see my parents again. I haven't been home for 1.5 months.

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