Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Drama...

Well, I'm going to see the parents. We're skipping graduation. The family decided that we shouldn't wait until 8 pm to head out.

Work started out fairly well this morning. We got a call that the boss's phone was being held by someone at a school about an hour from town. Later discovered that he had left it at the bar last night. Also found out that his ex-wife is giving him trouble again. He just got out of the last stuff.

Of course, that's nothing for me to really worry about. I got a call from the local sheriff's office looking for his next of kin info. That worried me a little, but then I decided that it was nothing. The judge had probably just put out another warrant and they are looking for him again.

BUT...a coworker got a disturbing text message (that's all he said) and my call worried him a bit more. About 15 minutes ago another coworker came through crying looking for the other one. She wouldn't tell me anything, just said she would tell me in a few minutes.

Now, I can think of two situations today that could lead to her in tears, but I'm kinda leaning more towards one than the other. I won't say which. The first is slightly obvious. It's what I've been talking about.

The other deals with another coworker. He recently moved his stepdaughter up here from her father's house to get her away from a drug dealer in Florida. Apparently he showed up at the house today, and he left to take care of that.

Easy to see why I'm concerned, huh? I'm supposed to be leaving work now, but I don't want to leave until I know what's going on. Otherwise it will just stay in my mind all weekend and I will enjoy none of my family time.

Well, keep them in your prayers, and I'll try to have some info to post on it.

PPS-Another situation was thought of. It could be her husband.

WOW! The updates come quick. It was our boss. He might have been killed in a car accident. Brandi is going to met his family at the hospital.


Fatinah said...

holy crap!
Update soon!

Amber said...

wow you will have to update us when you find out.


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