Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I passed out yesterday....

....after giving blood at an American Red Cross blood drive. It was awesome. I was laughing about it the rest of the day. I was perfectly fine until the lady told me I was finished and not to squeeze the ball anymore! Then I started feeling woozy. Then I decided that I would close my eyes.
Next thing I knew they had me flat on my back!!! It was great! I felt fine about a minute later.
I got a red squeezie ball, a cute cap, and a cool Pete t-shirt for giving blood. I'll have to post pictures later on it. The Red Cross lady was hoping for 55 people. Number 54 had signed up when they were finishing up with me. I hope she got that last person!!!

Anyway, even though I did pass out I feel great about donating blood. It was my first time and I think I will definitely do it again!


Maria said...

You have marketing skills! The line "I passed out" got me to your blog that was for sure.. LOL ! Anyway.. I'm glad you recovered..and you weren't too traumatised by the experience. Well done for donating! ~Maria

Robyn said...

Oh my gosh, how bizarre that must have been!
Glad you're okay :)

JOY said...

I have been giving blood donations for years!

It is such a worthwhile thing to do and think everyone should do it.

It can leave you feeling drained and a little woozy! Glad you are ok though and great to hear you would consider doing it again.


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