Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Now that I have told all my stories that get their own post, time to move on to everything else.

I've decided to start weighing in on Wednesday AMs. Don't know why I made the change, just did. And I can do it and get to work so it's no major deal. I think I like the AM weigh in. She apparently opens the doors about 7:35 (posted 7:45) so I have time to wait AND get to work.

I lost a pound this week. I told her it was the blood I donated. It was probably the change from jeans to my normal skirt though. No matter though. I'm getting back on track here! I bought another 12 week journal. I journal more faithfully when I have one of them. I hadn't bought another one because I wanted to save money. Apparently that doesn't work for me. AND, since I'm doing an AM weigh in, I've decided to have my weigh day be the beginning of my week instead of the end. Not that it really matters, but I just thought I would share that.

I didn't exercise last night since I had decided to give blood, but it's ok. I had walked to work, although I had Josh pick me up. I hakd done a lot of walking throughout the day so I'm still going to count it as good. I drove to work today so I could make it on time. Good thing I gave myself that leeway in my walk to work goal, huh?

Josh's parents took us out to eat at Red Lobster on Monday. The food was okay, the service HORRIBLE. My glass was constantly empty...usually while I had a plate of food sitting in front of me. Our our waitress couldn't have smiled to save her life apparently. She got an awful tip I'm sure, and was told to share it with one of the other servers that kept filling our glasses for us. I don't think they will insist on eating there again! Thank goodness!

My challenge partners this month are Tigerlilly and Alana. Go check out their blogs sometime and cheer them on. They've been working hard and have really inspired me!


Maria said...

Nobody is telling me what challenge partners means??! Oh and well done for losing the pound! Good job! ~Maria

Tiffany said...

I understand not wanting to spend money on things but if something is working for you go for it. I really need to write down everything I eat - I start to and my the end of the day I give it up.

totegirl said...

A pound is a pound...take it and run! Yay!

I really love the goals you set for yourself for this month. I hope you can acheive those. They're the same as mine except I only did 12 APs a week and I increased the fruits and veggies to 7/day.

Good job, and keep it up!

Amazon Alanna said...

I love the 12 week journals. They make me feel so organized. I do core and I *still* use them.

As for the switch of WI...sometimes you have to switch it up. See new people, try a new time

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

I can't stand Red Lobster... mostly because I lived in Maryland, and I understand what really good seafood is all about! LOL But even though I don't do seafood anymore, I still tell my friends/family not to eat there!

JOY said...

Well done on the loss! Good Going Cory.

When were you assigned your new challenge partners? I haven't heard anything about this month.

WeightWatchnWoman said...

Congrats on the 1 pound lost!!!!


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