Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thirteen Things about Shopping For Schoolbooks

1…. I hate it for the summer because the bookstore is only open 8-5 Monday-Friday.
2…. I simply hate our bookstore on principal.
3…. We have a Barnes & Noble, and I have to be careful not to look around while I'm there.
4…. Books cost too damn much.
5…. For some classes they ONLY have used books. And usually for the ones I would prefer new because I will be keeping them.
6…. For some classes they ONLY have new books. And usually for the ones I would prefer used because I won't be keeping them.
7…. The bookstore was fairly empty since it is the summer semester, and it's still technically intersession.
8…. Since I'm here all the time anyway I can buy my books before the rush.
9…. Since it's the intersession they had MINIMAL staff.
10…. I just spent $177. For school stuff. For summer.
11…. I could charge it to my account with the school because I bought it at the school bookstore.
12…. That means only $50 a month all summer to pay it off. THEN I start it for fall.
13…. At least the school charges MUCH less in interest than a credit card.

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Kelley said...

What a neat idea!! Do you do this every Thursday?

Stupid Bookstore!!! :) Sorry you had to spend so much money!

Nicholas said...

I know just what you mean about looking round Barnes and Noble. It's positively dangerous. Same for Borders and all the rest of them.


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